Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Real estate website themes with integrated property managers

While offering high end real estate website design based on our own property management software and our exclusive design we also develop cost efficient real estate websites using predesigned templates.

Real Homes Wordpress real estate website template is bundled with open source property manager with many customizable real estate features. It offers clean mobile friendly design, property search, individual pages for each property, account registration as well as separate account for property owners where they can publish their real estate objects – all managed from Wordpress administrator.

Real estate website design based on RealHomes Wordpress template

WP-Real Estate 7 theme is another popular real estate website solution, however a little less elaborated compared to Real Homes.

Thursday, 9 November 2017

Cost efficient website solutions, themes for restaurants and lawyers

Apart of exclusive web design we also offer cost efficient website solutions based on predesigned Wordpress and Prestashop templates. Such websites are not unique but we customize them or even redesign them completely maintaining the management software – our company has over 10 years of experience in web design and development business.

Website design for bars and restaurants

Restaurant websites usually provide services to manage food menu, table reservation and home order delivery. We offer quality Rosa bar & restaurant website template designed to handle just that. Template offers clean mobile friendly design with all mentioned restaurant services managed with Wordpress content manager.

Rosa bar & restaurant template for Wordpress site

This design can be customized or redesigned to fit the specific needs of your restaurant or bar.

Web design for lawyer and legal service websites

Websites offering legal services are usually content driven, they contain many pages explaining offered services, blog with latest legislation updates, panel showing office opening hours, team section, testimonials and Q&A service.

Template for lawyers legals services website

Lawyer and Attorney Wordpress website theme handles all these services with clean responsive design and friendly administrator. Visual look of this template can be inexpensively customized by our web design team.