Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Website security and damaged site repair

Lately we had a few orders here in Marbella to repair compromised Wordpress sites therefore we have rolled up a new service to review and fix website security. While cleaning the sites we have determined that all of them were compromised due to outdated open source content manager or one of its plugins.

Error seen when website has security issues

The problem with open source is that the programming code of the manager is available to the public so whenever new security update becomes available with its documented security issues – all sites not yet updated become in risk of being compromised.

Smooth Step offers Wordpress web design Marbella including managed website updates, website security analysis and compromised website cleanup services, also spam protection for contact forms, SHA password protection and SSL encryption to secure connection between client and server.

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

High end real estate resort website design for Benahavis Hills

Benahavis Hills is a luxury property resort with scenic views situated in between Marbella and Benahavis. Our web design team was instructed to implement our unique design using minimalistic semi-transparent panels over a full screen high resolution photo.

The site is developed on Wordpress manager, all programming is done from scratch using SEO friendly HTML5. As soon as the site was released it had positioned well when searching by their business name on Google displaying their home page and most important website pages.

Benahavis Hills property resort website

We have implemented our real estate software where administrator can add high definition photo galleries for each property with full screen preview, as well as restricted area for agents where they can render promotional PDF brochures with their logo and contact details. Restricted area provides agent registration where all new agents have to be confirmed by site administrator before they can use their account. Site also features an interactive map highlighting the location of each villa as well as customized Google Map displaying resort location.

Thursday, 14 September 2017

Working on mobile optimization for client websites

Recently we had quite a few requests from our existing clients to optimize websites for mobiles and tablets. Since mobiles come in many sizes we have implemented different styles for various screens also liquid HTML where website design automatically expands to available size providing excellent support for all devices.

Responsive Unique Mallorca website optimized for mobiles

You can check two of our recent works – websites which were optimized for mobiles: Unique Mallorca real estate website in which we have implemented custom mobile friendly dropdowns, visual price selectors with logarithmic response as well as client login and restricted which area all optimized for mobile and tablet screens, also our own site which offers web design in Marbella with our exclusive design as well as cost efficient template based websites for restaurants, online shops and real estate.

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Exclusive real estate website design & development in Mallorca

Finally we have finished with developing all the features for Unique Mallorca web design project we have been working on for quite a few months. The website is built using our exclusive design and our custom Wordpress based SEO friendly Real Estate software.

In this project we have implemented latest web design technologies in both visual interface and server programming. Highly optimized, the website handles over 3000 properties in 3 languages each with many high definition photos. The properties are daily updated from their internal real estate manager using our XML feed importer.

Unique Mallorca real estate website design

Website offers many advanced features such as free registration for visitors which unlocks their personal real estate shortlist, online support system, dynamic visitor graphs for each property, PDF windowcard integration, AJAX based features such as contact form validation, chat and shortlist management.

Visual interface has been enhanced using Javascript to overcome many limitations of standard HTML interface. We have implemented semitransparent search bar with custom dropdowns and range slider selectors, advanced search with beautifully designed multiple selectors, full screen slideshow and photo previews, interactive map for each real estate object displaying its area in Mallorca as well high quality fonts and mobile website support.