Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Exclusive real estate website design & development in Mallorca

Finally we have finished with developing all the features for Unique Mallorca web design project we have been working on for quite a few months. The website is built using our exclusive design and our custom Wordpress based SEO friendly Real Estate software.

In this project we have implemented latest web design technologies in both visual interface and server programming. Highly optimized, the website handles over 3000 properties in 3 languages each with many high definition photos. The properties are daily updated from their internal real estate manager using our XML feed importer.

Unique Mallorca real estate website design

Website offers many advanced features such as free registration for visitors which unlocks their personal real estate shortlist, online support system, dynamic visitor graphs for each property, PDF windowcard integration, AJAX based features such as contact form validation, chat and shortlist management.

Visual interface has been enhanced using Javascript to overcome many limitations of standard HTML interface. We have implemented semitransparent search bar with custom dropdowns and range slider selectors, advanced search with beautifully designed multiple selectors, full screen slideshow and photo previews, interactive map for each real estate object displaying its area in Mallorca as well high quality fonts and mobile website support.

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